Introducing Game Meets Game

One of the conundrums of corporate digital transformation is this: Because it has such profound strategic implications, it has to be led by the CEO. But the CEO often lacks the knowledge to make critical technology decisions. (Fortune)

77% of CEOs  say COVID 19  accelerated the pace of Digital Transformation – (Deloitte)

This requires a skill-set to deliver, AI, Problem-solving, critical thinking, machine learning, gamification, coding, content development, augmented reality, virtual reality; You get the picture.   PPDG is purpose driving in every solution we create.  This I why we created Game Meets Game to match the need for Digital Transformation skills of the Industry.

We have partnered with Becker College, the #2 college in the world for Esports and Game Design #10 Interactive Media (as ranked by the Princeton Review). Our objective is to design and connect a network of Innovation Hubs with select Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and PWIs resulting in accelerated identification and development of talent for employers. 

While our model acknowledges the current market attraction of eSports as a platform for virtual engagement and the growth projection of the $1.2B, we are focused on the ~$220B addressable market of interactive media and adjacent skills across the ecosystem.

• There are 21M esports and gaming fans in the US, of whom 83 % are male and 84% are under the age of 35. We need more women to take advantage of this growing market

• Roughly 57% of video game players in the US are between the ages of 6 and 29 and trending to consist predominately of people of color in less than 10 years.

Game Meets Game not only provides opportunities for gamers, but the program also develops transferable skills in business, data analytics, broadcasting, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality – the entire addressable market where digital transformation is accelerating and is in a hardcore press seeking talent with these skills.

Monica Poulard Hawkins
Founder & CEO I Truth Teller l Thought Leadership l Creator
Monica Poulard Hawkins is Founder, CEO and Connector of Professional Pipeline Development Group (PPDG), a boutique management consulting firm that houses world-class thought leaders, strategists, and business executives in serving its client base of Fortune & Global 1000 Corporations, Heads of State, and Non-Profits. We work to help them reimagine their organizations for the future ad build capacity for impact in new ways.


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