Serving The Students in Innovation with ACE Student Dreams Project Sponsored By PPDG, LLC

The ACE community is at its best when we rise together and fight for educational freedom for those who need it most.

In the wake of the outbreak, low-income families who were already making sacrifices to pay their portion of K-12 school tuition are sacrificing even more to provide their children with a quality education. Parents are not giving up on their dreams for their children, and our scholars are committed to making the most of their educational opportunity. Their focus on building a bright future for themselves and future generations is unshakable.

This is why ACE Scholarships matters so much: access to a quality education enables children to reach their full potential, setting off a positive ripple effect that impacts entire families and communities.


Meet Our Scholarship Recipients

Monica Poulard Hawkins
Founder & CEO I Truth Teller l Thought Leadership l Creator
Monica Poulard Hawkins is Founder, CEO and Connector of Professional Pipeline Development Group (PPDG), a boutique management consulting firm that houses world-class thought leaders, strategists, and business executives in serving its client base of Fortune & Global 1000 Corporations, Heads of State, and Non-Profits. We work to help them reimagine their organizations for the future ad build capacity for impact in new ways.


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