About PPDG

Professional Pipeline Development Group (PPDG) LLC, is an executive consulting firm that focuses on innovation, global talent management and the next generation worker in alignment with organizational strategy. Complex business problems emerge at the most inopportune and unexpected times. As a visionary leader, are you prepared to see it coming? Professional Pipeline Development Group (PPDG) LLC can make sure you are well prepared to take advantage of your next business change.


Can your global leaders inspire positive and sustainable change?

Corporations are poised with how to best take advantage of the proliferation of digital technologies, a new and collaborative millennial workforce, and an increasing global footprint. We have the tools and coaches to help you turn these challenges into ongoing competitive advantage.


Will your status quo help or hinder your global transformation?

A new paradigm for talent management is emerging in organizations across the globe. Successful corporate cultures will have systems that measure how all talent is recruited, retained and advances. We enhance your tools and processes to keep them relevant and win in a global economy.


Culture trumps strategy everyday

Global leaders thrive where career advancement is tied to growth and culture of innovative corporate strategy. PPDG helps leaders improve culture for: Advancement for high performance – Increased functional performance – Organizational Leadership


Building genuine relationships

Effectively developing relationships across generations and through social media can be the difference between being a competent leader and a highly effective executive. PPDG has the tools and coaching to strengthen your relationship building to achieve corporate and personal success.

Words From CEO – Quote

Monica P. Hawkins

Founder & CEO

“Today, corporations and government agencies have more questions than answers relative to the management of human capital. We support the design of your recruiting, retaining, and developing talent in a global economy with the right mix of business acumen, values and cultural curiosity to engage customers and business leaders across the globe.”



Our Areas of Expertise


PPDG helps bridge the gap between theory and real-world practice for higher education. Working with a combination of top universities and senior level corporate executives, PPDG integrates practical applications into their academic rigor to create the corporate leaders of tomorrow.


A new paradigm for talent management is emerging in organizations across the globe, calling for swift and agile systems that align readily with the strategic business goals – whenever and where ever an organization does business. PPDG provides best-in-class strategic consulting to C-Suite executives looking to create such systems in their enterprise.


Extraordinary happens on the boundaries. The best leaders cultivate a range of perspectives and experiences. The ideal leader is not only innovative and business-savvy but also adaptable and culturally aware. We strengthen leaders for: New Market Entry – New Merger/Acquisition – Culture Change – Leading and Managing Now and in the Future

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